Know someone with excellent legal, technical or administrative qualifications looking for a new opportunity?   You can feel confident in referring candidates and clients to KJM Staffing Solutions.

We pay generous referral bonuses for successful referrals!

  • $250 for referrals resulting in a direct hire placement*

  • $100 for referrals resulting in a temporary placement*


  • Bonuses for direct hire referrals are paid after the referral has been on active payroll for 90-days. 
                Bonuses for temporary placements are paid after the referred employee has worked 30-days.

  • Bonus amount may vary, depending on location and position.

  • Bonuses are taxable income.

Since there may be duplication of names referred to us, both from other people providing referrals,
            and by our own recruiters who may already be working with a candidate, we reserve the right
            determine if a referral bonus is due, and to whom.

How to Make a Referral

Refer your candidates and clients by submitting our referral form

For each candidates client referred where we place a direct hire, you earn a $250 referral bonus.

For each candidates client where we place a temporary candidate, you get a $100 referral bonus.

Earn additional bonuses for referring multiple friends and clients.



Susan is very kind and extremely helpful.  She returned my calls promptly and made this experience much more positive.  I will definitely be sending all referrals her way. Thank you.” 

Shannon, Legal Secretary
Horsham, PA

We were very impressed with the quality of candidates you sent based on your clear understanding of our needs. Thank you for expediting this process.  We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Paul W., HR Manager
National Insurance Company