Fees & Guarantees

Direct Placements

KJM Staffing Solutions bills for direct-hire placements on a contingent-fee basis based upon the employee’s annual compensation, payable after the employee’s start date. Fees range from as low as 5% for entry level placements and up to 25% or more for higher level placements. We are confident that our services will exceed your expectations and offer an extended guarantee for all of our placements.


For temp-to-hire placements, clients are billed at our competitive temporary hourly rates with a discount on conversion rates after a specified length of service. 


Our clients are billed at competitive and negotiable hourly rates which range from $18 - $200 for temporary employees.
Our Guarantees

All employees assigned by KJM Staffing Solutions are W-2 employee of KJM and we pay the employee’s salary, all related federal, state and local payroll taxes. All KJM employees are covered by unemployment, worker’s compensation and liability insurance.

KJM Staffing Solutions guarantees your satisfaction by extending a ninety (90) day guarantee as follows: If for any reason our candidate leaves and or you are dissatisfied with the employees’ abilities, performance and/or conduct, please let us know immediately and KJM will promptly conduct a search for a new candidate